TC200.2 ETR BigMax Crane

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The BIGMAX TC-200 crane with 3 hydraulic extensions and a heavy duty enclosed oil-bath rotation system is designed for 15 years of normal use to ensure maximum reliability. Following the design of any new BIGMAX crane, several actual cranes are manufactured for testing purposes. Before going into production, each model is test run, non-stop (24/7) for the equivalent of 15 years under normal operating conditions. If a component fails during this testing period, it is redesigned and the test restarts again. This process is repeated until the 15 year equivalent test cycle is complete without failure, and only then does the crane go into production. Confident that the new BIGMAX crane is reliable, each crane is delivered with a 2 year limited warranty.

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List Price:C$9,822.00
Your Price:C$8,471.47 (You save 13.75%)
  • 1 Manual Extension (+C$500.00)
  • 2 Manual Extensions (+C$900.00)
  • 3 Manual Extensions (+C$1,300.00)
  • No Manual Extensions
Weight:243.000 kg