TC160.2 ETR BigMax Crane

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For its compact size and light weight, the BIGMAX TC-160 is a versatile crane with an outstanding lift capacity. With a static weight of only 385 lbs the TC160 can lift up 2,850 lbs. @ 3.7 ft from the rotation centerline. One of the main reasons for this extraordinary lift to weight ratio is the TC-160 boom which is fabricated from high tensile fine grained steel with a hexagonal cross-section to maximize strength and minimize weight. The mounting base of the crane which takes up less than 1 sq ft of mounting space, can be placed almost anywhere on the body where it is the most convenient. The control assembly which is supplied connected but not mounted is designed to be installed in the safest and most convenient location near the crane base.

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List Price:C$8,716.00
Your Price:C$7,517.55 (You save 13.75%)
  • 1 Manual Extension (+C$500.00)
  • 2 Manual Extensions (+C$900.00)
  • 3 Manual Extensions (+C$1,300.00)
  • No Manual Extensions
Weight:200.000 kg